How to prevent yourself getting a cold in the winter months

 Winter is coming and so is the time of the cold. Follow these steps to prevent yourself falling ill. 

Every time you shake someones hand, wash yours.

It is not practical to do this every single time, but try to do it  at least before you eat something.

Avoid touching your face

Germs can get in easier through your nose, mouth and eyes, so reduce how much you touch your face. .

Go to bed

Getting more sleep will boost your immune system.

Get your shot

It is worth getting a flu jab as it will reduce the likelihood of you catching something dramatically.

Sanitize yourself

As much as you want to look after loved ones when they are ill, if you need to avoid getting a  cold  then it is best to stay away from them while they are contagious (unless you desperately have to help.)

Another reason to quit

Smoking increases the risk of infections by making structural changes in the respiratory tract and decreasing immune response,  so if you smoke it is best to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke otherwise  your risk of  getting a virus is higher. 

Wash your shopping bag 

Germs can manifest themselves if you don’t wash your shopping bag regularly so wash it every  couple of weeks just to keep on top of it.