North Herts 50 Plus delighted as cheques bounce back!

North Herts 50 Plus have welcomed the news that banks have dropped plans to axe cheques by 2018. The proposed closure of cheque services has been a top priority for our members. 

The group have been working to keep up the pressure on the Payments Council and feed in the views of their members to Future East, the regional forum for older people which reports directly to Government. The Payments Council, a national organisation which sets the strategy for UK payments, has announced that cheques will remain available “as long as customers need them”.

Bill Hogan from North Herts 50 Plus said: “This is a huge victory for older people and we’re delighted that the banks have been listening to us! Over one billion cheques were written out in Britain last year and abolishing them would have made life very difficult for many older people here in North Herts who rely on their chequebook to pay their bills, not to mention small businesses and local charities.”

“We believe that banks wanted to cut cheques purely to save costs, so we will be asking for assurances that older people won’t be charged to use their chequebook in the future. We’ll also be appealing to the retailers who stopped accepting cheques, in advance of any final decision, to review their policies.”

For more information visit the Payments Council website.