Lorna Kercher- Chair

Lorna has worked in the community for over 30 years. As well as being Chair of the committee she is also a local councillor and trustee of Howard Garden Social and Day Care Centre. As a founder member with Bill Hogan they had to establish the necessary governance and find suitable executive funding and members to get the forum started. Lorna believes the challenge is now to keep the forum topical and find speakers of interest and to increase our numbers. She identifies important issues are the new Welfare Act and the effect it will have on members.

Sheila Hogan - Executive Member

Retired school Language Teacher Sheila Hogan has a keen interest in meeting people and being involved in local issues. She initially joined North Herts 50 Plus to support the work of the founder, Bill Hogan, and finds North Herts 50 Plus to be a lively and rewarding group of like-minded people. She supports North Herts 50 Plus because it provides the opportunity for ‘anybody’ to be that ‘somebody’ who changes things for the better.

Marilyn Kirkland - Executive Member

Marilyn Kirkland was once a Teacher and NHDC District Councillor for six and a half years. From joining the Executive team and attending various forums she has been informed and educated about many issues. Marilyn believes the North Herts 50 Plus group are faced with the issue of threats to benefits.